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Avoiding Burnout in Home Schooling

Whether you study in a traditional school or home schooling program, the time will come when you will experience fatigue. This is something you must avoid so that your learning progress is not affected.

Here are some tips that you can use to avoid the possibility of school fatigue at home:

• Know your limitations. From the beginning, you must already know the limitations of you and your child. You can do things slowly at a time, especially if your child is young because you have to consider your child's learning capacity. Most students today are ordinary students so you must take lessons based on your child's learning speed. Never expect your child to read complicated reading choices or your teen for the SAT exam.

• Do not follow a strict schedule because this can pressure your child. You only need to arrange interesting routines for your children. Children spend most of their time doing their routine activities such as waking up in the morning, eating delicious breakfast, reading, writing, doing light work, and a number of other things. You must encourage them to complete their routine activities before they can play outside or with a computer. Even routine activities vary from day to day but you must ensure that your children take part in routine activities. You can occasionally provide incentives or fun activities if they complete their previous routine tasks.

• Enjoy home school together with your child. This is one way to develop a good relationship with your child. If you and your child can be interconnected, you will find it very easy to handle curriculum problems and motivational problems. In addition to motivating and guiding your child, you can also pursue your interests such as gardening and cooking. If your child sees you pursuing your interests, he will also be motivated to do the same.

• Because your child goes to school at home, you cannot imitate the traditional school environment. Try to use unusual methods when teaching your child. Home schooling is also about flexibility and if you can achieve a light atmosphere, you can effectively avoid fatigue.

Always remember that with home schooling, you don't need to set your teaching method. You can do things in a fun way especially with very young children and they can learn easily. Keep the day in the right perspective to avoid saturation. Even though your children may forget some lessons that day, it's okay because they grow up in intelligence and even physically. And of course, you children will always appreciate your moments together and how well you treat them. There is no other place like home and for small students this is the best place to learn the first lesson in life. Now, even if your teen is in middle school or in college, they can still go to school if they want. This is also a good decision because you can monitor your child's performance.

Parents always take care of their child's best interests. If after careful consideration you still think that home schooling is the best choice, continue. Just follow the tips mentioned earlier to avoid fatigue at home. Do fun activities from time to time to eliminate monotony.

Homeschool Burnout

When parents take responsibility for educating their children, homeschool saturation is one of the more common problems they have to deal with. There are many reasons that cause this fatigue: illness, new baby, additional responsibility, routine changes etc.

The symptoms of fatigue vary from lack of patience to overeating and crying for no apparent reason. Surprisingly, saturation doesn't have to be a bad thing. This is a wake-up call - an indicator that things aren't going well and you need to reschedule. Reversing or avoiding saturation is possible if you get a fair warning.

First, lower your expectations. Don't be a perfectionist. Take good days with bad ones. Next, when something doesn't seem to work, look for alternative methods. Flexibility is a key factor. If the tension starts to peak, rest. If necessary, change the style of teaching. For example, small children like to take their spelling when they ask adults.

Avoid excessive killing. Don't package too many activities for the sake of your child's socialization. A tired mother means a child who is upset and that means there is no happiness. Get support from your partner or neighbor or support group. Don't try to achieve everything yourself. Homeschooling means 'happy school' - don't forget that.

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