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Epson L130 Printer Driver Download

Epson L130 Printer Drivers. For the transfer of print jobs, the connectivity offers only a USB connection and limits the collaboration to a single computer. Direct communication with a tablet or smartphone is not provided, as is access from the road via cloud services. The printing unit produces a maximum of 5.5 color pages per minute at a slow pace, but at least it boosts its output at black-and-white printing to up to 15 pages per minute. However, with a volume of three picoliters, the individual ink drops are far from being as finely structured as they are in demanding photo printing. For comparison: an older brand colleague works with 50 percent finer ink drops; at aPhoto specialists from Canon are the individual pixels even more filigree with just a picoliter. Paper Management feeds print media one-sided from a 100-sheet cassette.

Epson L130 Driver Download

Measured by the equipment amount high purchase price. The inkjet printer of the Japanese brand Epson is a model from the fall of 2016. The financial cost of an order in the online trade is in a range between about 480 and 560 euros. The price seems to be high and is probably primarily due to the fact that the device with the paper size and works sparingly with refillable ink tanks. Compared to the technically better equipped competitors of Canon, which is to have almost 30 percent less money, it is nevertheless an expensive purchase

Download Driver Epson L130
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