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Download OKI C830 Driver Printer

OKI C830 Printer Driver. The OKI C830 printer claims to reach 30 pages minutes in color and black and white, and it holds them! It is therefore very fast, once launched. A black dot tarnishes the picture: the printer hardly starts. As indicated in the right-hand box, when it is hot, it reacts quickly. The problem arises when the printer goes into standby mode; It takes more than a minute for a page to come out. And again, it can be worse since the printer's record clearly announces that this time can climb up to 75 seconds. OKI C830 energy consumption and noise: not good! In work, OKI C830 climbs to 65 dB, and a record energy consumption of 1,200 Watts! An A4 laser printer typically consumes 400 to 800 watts. In other words, this one is voracious!

OKI C830 Driver Download

The OKI C830 printer result is completely up to the expectations: sufficiently precise and legible, according to the characteristics. The colors are a little duller than the original ones, they are also slightly darkened and with a dose of red too much (it is obvious on the pictures, but this is not supposed to be the first use of this product). Nevertheless, it is perfectly average and of an unquestionable professional level.

Download OKI C830 Driver Printer

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