Latihan Soal Matematika Unas SMP 2012

>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bali Province won the national exam scores (UN) the highest level of SMP / MTs. The average value of UN SMP / MTs Bali province reached 8.11. Earlier, at the high school level / equivalent, SMAN 1 Denpasar, Bali, occupies the sixth position nationally with an average value of 9:34.

The second position was occupied North Sumatra with a mean value 8.04 and the third is the UN in East Java with an average value of 7.86. While the average value of 6.71, West Kalimantan Province occupies the position as the region with the lowest average national examination.

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"Therefore, the national average value of UN SMP / MTs is 7.56," said Minister of National Education (Education Minister) Mohammad Nuh told reporters on Wednesday (01/06/2011), in Jakarta.

Noah went on, there are 744 students who actually has an average value of adequate school exams. However, because there are one or two subjects who obtained scores below the five then they become not pass.

"Another student who did not pass, at most the average value is less than five. If totalized reach 19,490," he said.

This year, 3,714,216 students of SMP / MTs who sign national examinations (UN), only the 3,660,803 students who follow the UN and as many as 3,640,569 or 99.45 percent passed. Meanwhile, 20,234 students SMP / MTS, or 0.55 percent of other students did not pass.

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