Latihan Soal IPA Unas SMP 2012

>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A total of 3722 students, or 6.15 percent of the 60,518 examinees nationwide junior high school / equivalent academic year 2010/2011 at the West Kalimantan Province did not pass.

"If dipersentase junior high graduation rate / equal 93.85 percent of this year or as many as 56,796 students pass the examination of the number of participants 60 518 students," said Head of West Kalimantan Province Education Alexius Akim in Pontianak, on Saturday (06/04/2011).

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He explained that the number of junior / equal the UN is conducting a school around 1141. Of that two schools with a graduation rate of zero percent, ie, primary and junior one roof in Ketapang District, SMP-4 with the number of participants two people and one other junior high schools by the number of participants 4 persons.

Kalbar Education data, record the number of schools with a graduation rate of 0 to 20 percent as much as 4 schools, a total of 39 schools 20-50 percent, 50-75 percent as much as 78 schools, 75 to 99.99 percent as much as 324 schools and graduated 100 percent of 694 schools .

"The average number of UN participants SMP / equals that many participants did not pass the elementary-junior one roof located in isolated areas and the border of West Kalimantan," said Akim.

Akim explained, junior high graduation rate UN / equal highest in the District Sekadau 99.85 percent or as many as 2589 students and the lowest in the District of North Kayong by 23.30 percent or as many as 301 students.

"As for the greatest number of students not graduating in Sambas district and as many as 1124 students in the District Sekadau smallest of 4 students," he said.

To the average number of UN SMP / equal highest in the city of Pontianak, which is 29.20, while the average number of the lowest in the district of North Kayong 23.99. The average Indonesian Language highest in Pontianak 7.18, the lowest in North Kayong 6.30.

Average of the highest English subjects in Pontianak 7.83, the lowest in the Sambas regency 6.30, for the highest math average in Pontianak 7.22, the lowest in Sambas 5.58. And the average science subjects highest in the District 7.01 and the lowest in the District of North Kayong 6.02.

According Kadiknas West Kalimantan Province, judging from the ranks highest in the District Sekadau graduation at 99.85 percent, followed Melawi 99.72 percent, 99.54 percent Hedgehogs, Kapuas Hulu 99.07 percent, 98.72 percent of the city of Pontianak, Sintang 98 , 57 percent, Kubu Raya 98.41 percent, 96.72 percent Sanggau, Singkawang 93.20 percent, 90.81 percent in Pontianak Regency, Bengkayang 85.51 percent, 82.96 percent Ketapang, Sambas 82.89 percent, and lowest in the District of North Kayong 76.70 percent.

Akim appealed to junior high students / equivalent that do not pass should repeat it. Even if not able to repeat the exam packet B.

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