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>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The global economy continues to show signs of slowing down, causing many economists to fear and warn of a second round of credit tightening and a double dip or perhaps triple dip recession. Many investors continue to be spooked and remain on the fence, uncertain of whether to put their hard-earned money in the stock market or whether to seek out safer havens such as bonds. What is certain is this: uncertainty remains ahead.

Recent reports and data such that manufacturing in particular in places such as the European Union (particularly the United Kingdom) as well in China was down, weaker than was even anticipated and forecast. Service industry jobs also in Europe were seen to be experiencing a downturn as well. This data comes in tandem the with U.S. Federal Reserve Bank sounding alarm bells recently warning the economy of the United States is facing significant risk of backsliding, receding faster than a middle-aged man's hairline. Adding to the grief is the fact that the prices and values of commodities such as pork bellies as well as stocks are down worldwide.
What is clear now to financial experts and analysis as well as political pundits is that there is a very real economic skid that is taking place now. Let us hope that another terrorist event such as 9/11 does not occur again. That would truly be the last straw that broke the camel's back. The fact is that we now live in a time of a truly global economy. It is no longer a dream or aspiration. It is now reality. A slowdown (or uptick) in one country's economy can have ripple effects that can either be positive or negative.

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Where we are today is that even in the traditionally strongest economies in Europe (those of Germany and France), economic growth has stalled to near flat-line levels. Now we are not saying that a lost decade such as what was experienced by Japan is possible, but clearly now is the time to take stock of one's financial standing and shore up one's footing and move to more solid ground. Uncertainty in financial markets can cause a downturn in manufacturing. A slowdown in durable goods order in the manufacturing sector can cause the stock market to drop, etc.
Therefore, let us keep watchful eyes on world economic events and hope for the best.

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