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>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A total of 1154 students SMP / MTS East Java did not pass the National Examination 2011. This represents a decrease the number of students who do not pass the National Exam when compared with 2010.

"The number was only 0.21 percent of 540,608 students at SMP / MTS East Java (East Java)," said Head of Education Office of Aaron M in Surabaya in East Java, on Thursday (06/02/2011).

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According to him, the amount that means there is a decrease in the number of students SMP / MTS in East Java which does not pass the national examination (UN) as compared to 2010 due to UN 2010 recorded 534 020 1509 from junior high school students do not pass, or 0.28 percent.

"So, student graduation rate SMP / MTS as East Java in the UN in 2011 reached 99.79 percent, while the graduation rate in 2010 reached 99.72 percent of the UN," he explained.

Aaron said the result was put Java on the ranking third nationally after Bali and North Sumatra (North Sumatra) with a final value 7.86.

"The value was above the average value of the end of junior high school students / MTS nationally, namely 7.56, let alone the UN participants SMP / MTS in East Java is not really comparable to Bali and North Sumatra as the number of UN participants SMP / MTS in fact equivalent to Java, East Java West, Central Java, and Jakarta, "he said.

In addition, the number of students SMP / MTS who did not pass the examination as much as 0.21 percent is "up" than the number of high school graduation / MA / SMK in East Java that does not pass the examination in 2011 which reached 0.25 percent or 709 students from 1536 million students who do not pass.

"The UN in 2011 it will be announced on June 4. However, we leave to the announcement of technical education offices and SMP / MTS in the district / city," he said.

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