Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Unas SMK 2012

>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Graduation rates The national examination (UN) 2011 Jakarta area level of SMA / SMK / MA / SMALB reached 99.52 percent. These results exceeded the graduation examination areas of Jakarta last year.

"No target graduation, what matters is her best. Looking at these results, it is clear already very good. There is an increase compared with the results of last year and this is the success of all parties, especially high school students who participated in the UN," said Vice Head of Education Office of DKI Jakarta Agus Suradika when contacted on Sunday (05/15/2011).

He also said, for students of vocational high schools (SMK), a higher graduation rate, reaching 99.81 percent. That figure is on the achievements of high school graduation (high school) by 99.52 percent. Of the 63,057 students who took part, 62,939 students passed the examination and 118 did not pass the examination.

For students who do not pass, they can follow Kejar Package C or choose to repeat next year. UN level of SMA / SMK / MA / SDLB held last April 18-21. There were six subjects tested to the students that is, the three compulsory subjects (Indonesian, English, and Mathematics) and three other subjects for the field specialization.

For students majoring in science, three subjects are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. For students working on social studies Sociology, Geography, and Economics. For students working Bahasa Indonesia Literature, one foreign language, and Cultural History.

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Non Technics Program

Technics Program

Criteria for graduation standard is slightly different this year compared with last year, the percentage of the UN only 60 percent of the components of graduation. While 40 percent came from school test scores and student grades. However, there remains a benchmark minimum value on each subject tested, namely 5.5.

The announcement of the UN announced on Monday (5/16/2011) tomorrow via the school website, telephone, short messages (SMS), a letter written or electronic mail (e-mail). As for vocational students can see the graduation announcement by accessing the site

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