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>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If you're considering a job teaching English, you're in good company. The large number of U.S. immigrants, coupled with the many businesses that focus on teaching English overseas means this can be a viable career option. Before you think about working as a teacher, though, arm yourself with some easy to understand methods so you can teach successfully, whether you're working to teach young children, college students or professional business people.

Use Facial Expressions And Other Non-Verbal Cues

How can you even begin teaching English if you don't speak your students' language and they don't speak yours? Non-verbal cues and facial expressions will be vital in the first couple days of your lessons. For instance, if you're trying to convey the feeling of being hot, you could wipe your forehead and fan your face with your hands.

Label Everything When Teaching English

Labeling everything in the room is a great idea. Use simple index cards and clearly print the English and native word before taping the cards to everything around the room. Label the door, desks, floor, chairs and everything else and your students will have an easier time learning these important words.

Immerse Your Class

Classes that are conducted entirely in English are more successful than ones that switch back and forth between languages. If your class is concerned about not knowing what's going on, make sure to write down any important information (such as homework assignments) so pupils can copy it down and take it with them after class to make sure they understand what work you want them to complete. This can help enforce what you're trying to teach, even when class isn't in session.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Repetition breeds success when you're trying to teach. Repeating words over and over is a great way to drill the words into a student's brain. If you're using the same phrases over and over, your students may be at a disadvantage if the question is ever rephrased. Let your class know different ways to convey the same idea and you'll be setting them up for success after class is over.

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Additionally, try to bring in other native speakers or use audio tapes so your class doesn't get used to hearing only your voice. By exposing them to different accents, inflections and other voice characteristics, you'll be giving your pupils a distinct advantage over one who trained solely with one person.

Treat Students With Respect

If you're teaching English, you might be tempted to correct your students each time they make a mistake. Some learners, whether they're young children, business professionals or college students, may become hesitant if they're constantly being corrected. A student who's constantly worried about making a mistake won't be able to learn effectively.

If you have a passion to teach, consider a job teaching English to non-native speakers. The rewards are immense and you'll enjoy knowing that you have made an impact on your students' lives.

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