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>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

According to the teachers in Jakarta, of the many differences in the implementation of the UN 2011 with previous years, the most obvious difference is a matter of packets and implementation of a five-sharing mechanisms about randomly. These regulations are the most important thing to be socialized because of the many complaints, both from students and teachers about their understanding.

"After several socialized, the teacher who was initially confused now beginning to connect. Since its implementation is not that easy," said Vice Principal Curriculum Field, SMKN 5 Jakarta, Hashim As'ari, Wednesday (06/04/2011).

As for weight assessment, in addition to 60:40, specifically on the vocational school also uses other compositions, namely 70 percent of the UN practices and 30 percent based on the written examination. These new rules should be a relief to students, considering that in previous years, passing 100 percent charged to the UN.

UN Committee Chairman and Exam School SMK 40 Jakarta Sukarno said, the weight of 70 practices and 30 percent are the result of written examination administered to target output of learning accepted students.

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"Especially from UN practice, because of what it will look as deep as the students master the subject matter," said Sukarno.

Another striking difference, further Sukarno, is the omission of an independent monitoring team from the college. In the previous year as UN 2009 and 2010, inspectors from the PTN is needed to help supervise implementation of the UN at the school. However, Sukarno, the current teachers claimed to be ready to serve students as possible, to minimize the occurrence of errors in the implementation of the UN.

"Although different, the problem of implementation remains the same. Equally need full responsibility into practice," said Sukarno.

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