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>> Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selection of Candidates for Civil Service (CPNS) for the year 2011 based on the provisions of the Official Kemenpan still held with the formation or the quota of about about 200 thousand people. The size of the quota assigned CPNS is almost the same as the year 2010 and then, or about 200 thousand civil servants. Minister of PAN and RB, EE Mangindaan said, that number will go recruited the local honoree.
CPNS 2012 expected revenue is going into the zero growth. It can be done when the honoree has accommodated all areas.

Cpns 2011 test event Akbar reception will be held in September 2011. Therefore, Kemenpan hoping that all central and local agencies are expected to prepare detailed estimates of formation CPNS needs. This meant that the target schedule CPNS reception can be realized. We had the site manager suggested to the participants enersi.Cpns Selection Cpns to prepare themselves better preparation should exercise administrative and other Problem. Our team is proud to provide training about the very good preparation for the selection Cpns 2011/2012.

Exercise Soal Seleksi CPns 2011 is temporarily consist of five (5) eye exams consisting of:

We give 2 (two) and the discussion about the package that contains about 100 (about) exercise. Learn you can download and learn here please!

Scholastic Talent Test / TBS
We give 2 (two) and the discussion about the package that contains about 100 (about) exercise. Learn you can download and learn here please!

We give 2 (two) and the discussion about the package that contains about 100 (about) exercise. Learn you can download and learn here please!

General Ability Test / Tes Kemampuan Umum
We give 2 (two) and the discussion about the package that contains about 100 (about) exercise. Learn you can download and learn here please!

Psychological tests
Psychology practice is still our process, please be patient!

Exercise material Cheat 2011 we tried to adjust to the rules contained in Article 21 paragraph 4 of the Draft Law on the Principles of State Personnel. Mentioned also in the selection tests CPNS consists of two stages, namely general and specific.

According to PR BKN is that the material selection tests which are generally Cpnsposed of:

  • The content of the Indonesian language,

  • English,

  • Tests psychology, and

  • The test of academic potential.

Priority Power Honorer So PNS

The Government confirmed that it will implement a moratorium on civil servants (PNS) this year. That way, only the chance of honorary workers appointed civil servants.

Minister for Administrative Reform (PAN) / Reforms (RB) EE Mangindaan said most of honorary workers who entered before 2005 will be prioritized to be appointed as civil servants.

"Moratorium permanent, but temporary honorary longest pengecualian.Pokoknya 2005. So before 2005, that we lift eligible. After that there was no longer temporary, "said Mangindaan after attending a limited cabinet meeting the political, legal, and security at the Presidential Office yesterday.

As is known, the appointment of honorary workers have already been decided before the final Cpnspletion 2010.Namun due verification data has not been Cpnspleted, the remaining 60,000-an more honorary workers who have not been appointed.

Although prioritizing honorary workers, continued Mangindaan, it will tighten seleksi.Tenaga honoree should still follow a number of requirements, such as the placement test. According to him, the appointment of honorary workers issues will be resolved by first fix the relevant regulations such as Law 43 of 1999 on Human Resources.

The appointment of honorary workers are also still waiting for further verification process and considering the size of the budget that must be issued by the government apparatus. "The number we have not dared to decide because it is still verified, because it involves the formation. No lift home. We must also adjust how the region's readiness, "he explained.

Problems appointment of honorary workers into a special discussion in the meeting yesterday a limited field of Politics. In his introduction, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) said it would soon decide the draft government regulation (PP) concerning the appointment of honorary workers became civil servants and the draft regulations on non-permanent employees.

"Both of these are issues of concern to many people. The solution we must first of all must take carefully calculated how the needs of civil servants. Requisite capabilities that we have our public servants so that they actually be driving the bureaucracy, "he explained.

President Yudhoyono added that the appointment of honorary workers into civil servants to be very important for some people because it involves their great expectations. "Being a country is the expectations pengawai high ideals and dreams. Let us once again make sure the rules are correct, the system is appropriate, management, and management is good, "said the president.

Deputy Human Resources (HR) and Apparatus Naibaho Kemenpan and RB Ramli said the appointment of temporary labor just waiting for the PP was still in the stage of scheduling for discussion at the Coordinating Ministry for Politics hereinafter described to the president.

"So, the government agreed it will be removed. Position (RPP) in the stage of discussion between us and Menkopolhukam. While with the Justice Minister is harmonization,''he explained.

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