Drill of Soal Snmptn 2012

>> Saturday, July 23, 2011

SNMPTN test group was divided into 3 (three):

1. Trials Group IPA
2. IPS Group Test
3. Exam IPC group (a mixture of IPA and IPS).
Each participant can follow the test Science, Social Studies, or IPC, and do not necessarily agree with majors SMA / MA / SMK / MAK concerned.

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Test of Academic Potential

Basic Capabilities

IPA Ability

IPS Ability

Notes for Solutions (Sorry Still a process, come again as soon as possible!) :)

Important Notes :

1. Studies Program at State Universities are divided into two groups, namely Studies Program and Social Science groups.
2. Each test group participants IPA / IPS can select a maximum of two courses in accordance with the test that followed.
3. Each participant group IPC exams can choose three courses with a record of at least one course the IPA and a group of social studies courses.
4. The order of selection of study program is a priority choice.
5. Examinees who choose only one course may choose courses from state universities anywhere in the region (cross border).
6. Examinees select two or more courses, one course must be a course of PTN in the same area with the participants take the exam. Another option may be a program of study outside the territory of PTN (cross border).
7. List of courses, capacity in 2011, and the number of enthusiasts in 2010 will be included in the Participant Handbook that can be seen in the page (website) http://www.snmptn.ac.id.

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