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>> Monday, February 28, 2011

Universitas Indonesia (UI) so far will be neutral face of National Education Ministry plan (Events Calendar) reviewing the driveway prospective college freshman in the country (PTN).

Thus expressed the Head Office of Communication and Spokesman of University of Indonesia Vishnu Juwono to on Wednesday (02/14/2010). Vishnu added, the government's efforts are expected to be a dialogue that did not rule out the direction change for the better.

"We will provide inputs to the government regarding the selection procedure entered as we've done so far on Check out the UI," said Vishnu.

Visnu said, as a State Owned Legal Entity (BHMN), UI is still memunyai portion to keep reporting to the minister. "For that, we will provide input regarding the selection of students based on the experience of two years held Simak. Everything still we discuss and consider," he added.

Students unable to

Reported earlier, a number of public university leaders (PTN) to reject plans to review the Events Calendar driveway prospective new students. The reason, the entrance to the selection of candidates for new students is the college authority.

Earlier, Education Minister Mohammad Nuh said it will evaluate the driveway universities are very diverse. The evaluation was conducted to respond to public complaints because the diversity of the driveway to ignore the side of justice for rich students can repeatedly buy the form and follow the selection. In addition, some selection done before students pass the national exam (UN) that interfere with students' concentration.

Academic and Administrative Director of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta Widyobroto Budi Prasetyo on Tuesday (09/02/2010), said the driveway UGM can not be simplified because each track has its own function. The number of lines is intended to accommodate various interests and potential applicants.

Currently UGM open three main registration point, namely the national selection into public universities (SNMPTN), a written test (Utul) UGM, and search quality seeds (PBU). PBU Line is still divided into five, namely seeds incapable search, search quality seeds of achievement, self-financing search talent, talent search sports and arts, as well as search seeds of regional development. Thus, there are seven driveways GMU.

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While the UI, so far still rely See UI in addition to other revenue channels of national revenue (National Selection State University Entrance / SNMPTN), inter-university cooperation (Joint Entrance Examination / UMB), a special performance art talents, sports, etc. Other (AEOS), regional development and industrial cooperation (KSDI).

"Consider the UI is not just for those who are capable, but also who can not afford. For us, students who can not afford it are those that are in-encourage. To be honest, 55 percent of freshmen entering from the UI this year Find out lane," said Vishnu.

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